Copper Winter, the winter decoration from Bougies la Française

Copper Winter, the winter decoration from Bougies la Française

From the brand Bougies la Française, the Copper Winter line will delicately perfume our interiors, adding a touch of calm and serenity.

Wax and candle maker since 1902, Bougies la Française tacks against the prevailing wind of our agitated time, caught up in competing Internet images, broadcast from computer, smartphone and tablet screens. In this world which goes past at such a rate, Bougies la Française invites us to take a break and find a refuge in our homes with its Winter Copper line.

Candles, the winter decoration

Their fragrance has been imagined with the finest craftsmen from the town of Grasse. Their painstaking work has created these gentle, unforgettable aromas adapted to copper, a symbol of eternity revisited in this collection where it is truly the guest of honour.

Bougies La Française diamond-shaped design
Light up your evenings when you get home with warm colours, thanks to this diamond-shaped design. © DR
Bougies La Française candles for tables
With its tones of white and copper, this ceramic candle will find its natural place on your table. © DR

A Gentle Seasonal Light

As soon as the season starts to cast its gentle light, disconnect your smart devices to get back to the essentials and make the most of this collection which honours nature, married to the nuances of copper. Once night has fallen, get comfortable and light a decorative and festive candle which will, with elegant and subtle touches, warm up the winter...

Bougies La Française candles
So beautiful you’ll want to turn it into a vase, this candle is wearing its winter wear. © DR

Copper Winter, candle gems.