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The creations of taxidermist Anne Orlowska in Ixelles, Belgium

Anne Orlowska gives nature lovers a chance to see animals up close at her taxidermy shop in Ixelles, located just a stone’s throw from downtown Brussels.

The creations of taxidermist Anne Orlowska in Ixelles, Belgium


After its success in Paris on 4 Rue d’Aboukir, Design & Nature decided to open another shop in Ixelles in the suburbs of Brussels. This unique store, whose founder has always been fascinated with the beauty and richness of the natural world, is specialised in creating incredibly realistic taxidermy mounts of everything from insects to large mammals and designing plant- and mineral-themed decor.

The taxidermy mounts of Anne Orlowska, in Ixelles

All the species present in the shop are grouped and displayed like poetic works of art. Visitors are greeted by amazing sights as soon as they step through the door. The many animals on display reflect the founder’s passion for her work and offer endless inspiration to taxidermy enthusiasts. The store is home to extraordinary collections that are far from anything on display in a simple cabinet of curiosities.

Design & Nature Anne Orlowska with a monkey
Anne Orlowska’s love of large monkeys inspired her to become involved in protecting animal welfare. © DR
Design & Nature butterflies
The gallery staff is happy to explain how they obtain such perfect butterfly mounts. © DR

Decor for films and luxury homes

Design & Nature counts many professionals among its clientele as well. Representatives from the fashion, jewellery, and interior decorating industries, as well as artists, designers, and film producers from the world over know the name of this particular treasure island, where items can be both purchased and rented. In addition, the shop offers the perfect solution when private clients run out of decorating ideas for home !

Design et Nature menagerie
The arrangement of these irresistible pieces leaves room for a bit of humour as well. © DR
Design & Nature mounted animals
Plants, minerals, and animals are made even more beautiful by the work of interior decorators. © DR

The jungle of Eden, in Brussels

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