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Degrenne renews the Christmas spirit at the table

Degrenne renews the Christmas spirit at the table

The Degrenne house unveils the enchanting decors of its new table settings collections conveying the Christmas spirit.

Degrenne renews the Christmas spirit at the table


With the holiday season upon us, it is time to set up tables for important revelries. This winter, the Degrenne house is keen about renewing the spirit of the most beautiful day of the year. It's special collections, off the beaten track, imagine universes that stand out thanks to their magic, audacity and authenticity—in the image of Christmas in a forest whose refined overtones warm up our hearts.

At the table with Degrenne

Plates, flatware and accessories are thus covered with golden touches to invite each of the guests to take advantage of a fairy tale aura, like a call to savour the hidden mystery of nature. Further, Haute Couture invites itself in the art of living—when lace chooses porcelain and metal to be unveiled in all its splendour, and draw enchanting and subtle playful contrasts.

Degrenne Xmas forest ambiance accessories and cutlery
If you hesitate to offer these table accessories, it's probably because you want to keep them for your own personal use… © DR
Degrenne Xmas Forest ambiance tables settings
Informal or solemn, your festive events will be in homage to your guests. © DR

Collections under the sign of authenticity

In terms of plates, we choose the tinted Bahia Onyx collection or the L Couture manufactured in Limoges, the Onde Gold flatware with its generous curves and Fuse in hammered brass, but also Héritage glassware with the timeless style or Roc, with mouth blown pieces, and the Salam teapot with the bell in matt bronze. Ensembles that promise conviviality and very joyful moments to be shared.

Degrenne collection
When black becomes a colour, elegance is at hand. © DR

When the art of beautiful meets up with the art of delicious…

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