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Degrenne is revolutionising the art of stainless steel tableware

Degrenne is revolutionising the art of stainless steel tableware

Anticipating the return of stainless steel cutlery, Degrenne is designing the tableware of the future by offering a modern take on a timeless and quintessentially vintage trend.

Degrenne is revolutionising the art of stainless steel tableware


As the world emerges from lockdown, safe investments are also on the rise. Stainless steel cutlery designed by Degrenne in 1948 is one such example. The brand understood how stainless steel aligned with consumers’ desire for modernity. With daring, passion, and determination, this material left its mark on our tables and inspired individuals and restaurant owners alike, both in France and throughout the world, to incorporate trendy vintage elements into their day-to-day style.

A vision firmly rooted in its time

Drawing on the sense of innovation that underpins its DNA, the Normandy-based company embodies this modern renaissance. With help from its artisans’ unrivalled expertise, it is breathing new life into the metal coils that transform raw steel into the beautiful items decorating modern home interiors. By focusing on quality, user-friendliness, and beautiful design, the market leader delivers collections that are just as enjoyable to look at as they are to use.

Catering to a love of the exceptional

The age-old art of gildwork is also making a comeback. Spoons, forks, and knives reflect the artisan’s passion for a job well done and the search for excellence by combining optimal shine, strength, and ergonomics. From special finishes and silver plating to gilding, laser engraving, and stamping, the brand turns out any number of customisations to produce a stainless steel tableware set that is sure to steal the show at any formal occasion.

The art of making jewellery out of cutlery

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