Designer tableware from Orfèvrerie Royale

03 Oct 2019
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Decorating the tables of hotels, restaurants, and caterers with platters, candelabras, bowls, and champagne buckets is part of Orfèvrerie Royale’s brand identity.

Orfèvrerie Royale, créateur d'ambiance pour la table
On the table, the three-leaf serving bowl stands alongside the Bathbowl champagne bucket. © DR


Orfèvrerie Royale is the brainchild of Sylvain Signoret, who left the automotive industry to join the world of design with Christofle, an iconic brand in the French luxury and decorating industries. The company produces decorative items, tableware, and high-end decorative and functional items for the home and especially the hotel, restaurant, and catering industries.

Silversmithing fit for royalty

Featuring candelabras, bowls, platters, champagne buckets, straws, shakers, glasses, tablecloths, chargers, ashtrays, coffee pots, tea pots, milk jugs, and sugar bowls, the company’s unique collections are extensive. They offer top chefs the chance to present original, contemporary spreads that showcase their culinary creations.

Orfèvrerie Royale champagne flutes and bucket Poised atop this black and steel tray and paired with the Megève bucket, these champagne flutes are ready to be enjoyed. © DR
Orfèvrerie Royale bowls and coffee set This caterer arranged their sushi in a beautiful set of bowls, and serves coffee from the brand’s Art Deco set. © DR

Customisable items

The brand’s highly skilled artisans work with a type of steel that will always withstand the test of time. Their most beautiful pieces, which are created through a number of manufacturing steps, including cutting, welding, emery polishing, polishing, silver plating, and assembling, are exported to a wide range of countries, where the company’s expertise in this demanding market is highly valued and where customisation offers a decisive advantage.

Orfèvrerie Royale tableware This festive charger matches the stemmed glassware designed for Bordeaux wine. © DR

The art of hosting master silversmiths

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