A detailed review of the Grand Place facades, in Brussels

13 Nov 2018
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11 Jul 2019
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Listed in the UNESCO world heritage for its richly ornamented facades, the Grand Place of Brussels is an artistic gem to (re)discover.

Revue de détail des façades de la Grand Place, à Bruxelles
Art Nouveau, Art Deco, the building facades of this touristic attraction are truly priceless. © DR


It is part of guided touristic visits, and it's also the location for parties, concerts, parades, Christmas markets, exhibitions, events and commemorations in the Belgian capital. The cobblestones, sprinkled along the Grand Place of Brussels, a historical site since the 12th century, surround the emblematic municipal and ducal buildings as well as the former guild houses.

The detailed facades of the Grand Place in Bruxelles

Between those of the King and the Rue du Beurre, one discovers the trade guilds of the Middle-Age: mercers, Serment des Archers, Brewers, Bakers, Grease makers, Cabinet Makers, Stone Cutters, Earthenware Makers, Painters, Boatmen and Coopers are nestled around the architectural landmark formed by The Dukes of Brabant. And on the facades, the Ionic, Doric and Corinthian columns are numerous.

Brussels Maisons des Corporations Grand Place Recently restored, the statue of the Guide des Tailleurs puts a final touch on the renovation of the Grand Place. © DR
Brussels La Maison de la Louve, the Phœnix, Grand Place On the Maison de la Louve, a phoenix, rising from its ashes, symbolizes the reconstruction of the city after the bombings. © DR

An open-sky museum, now a tourist attraction

In order to add to the overall decor, take a close look at the building details, some of which are built in wood. They will reveal gables, sculptures, frescoes and the golden motifs of the baroque facades, as well as the belfry of the City Hall, flagship of the Brabantine Gothic style. Located on the perimeter of the "Sacred Islet" of Brussels, the Grand Place is an open-sky poem in its own right…

Bruxelles la Maison des Brasseurs Grand Place Overlooking the Maison des Brasseurs, this horseman pays homage to the still existing brewing corporation. © DR

To visit and revisit, Brussels, the eyes from the sky…

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