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Deyrolle, the boutique museum in an earthly paradise version

Deyrolle, the boutique museum in an earthly paradise version

More than a cabinet of curiosities, Deyrolle is a boutique museum that showcases the beauties of nature. A small earthly paradise in the middle of Paris !

Deyrolle, the boutique museum in an earthly paradise version


Since 1831, this house, dedicated to teaching natural sciences to students, is a unique place. It has sparked the interest of naturalists and collectors of minerals, shells, butterflies and other insects, as well as hunters bringing their trophies to have them naturalized in keeping with longlasting tradition. It also attracted artists and writers such as Salvador Dali, Bernard Buffet and Louise de Vilmorin.

Earthly paradise, at the heart of the Deyrolle boutique museum

Not a stylist, a designer, nor a TV or movie production house can bypass this venue when seeking objects to decorate their podiums or their film sets. During Fashion Week, Louis Vuitton organises parties there and Woody Allen did not hesitate to step into this amazing ark of Noah, presided by Louis Albert de Broglie, for the filming needs of his charming Midnight in Paris.

Boutique Deyrolle - Salvador Dali boat
Salvador Dali was inspired by his visits when he created his butterfly sailboat. © DR
Boutique Deyrolle birds
Walk around, magnifying glass in hand, to observe the marvels of nature up close. © DR

An Ark of Noah in a natural state

Here, animals are the stars : butterflies, beetles, birds, felines and mammals fill up the drawers and rooms of this unique gallery. And at Deyrolle, no beast is killed to be naturalized. All those on display come from zoos, circuses or breeding farms where they died of old age or sickness, as protected species respecting the Washington Convention. A convincing asset to visit this amazing garden emulating the Ark of Noah !

Boutique Deyrolle taurus and butterflies
Taurus is a bull in which butterlfies are embedded, symbols of strength and fragility in nature. © DR

Art and nature go to the museum, at Deyrolle.

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