Discover Klesarska, the International Stonemasonry School in Croatia

Discover Klesarska, the International Stonemasonry School in Croatia

Recognised for the quality of its teaching, the Stonemasonry School in Klesarka, in Croatia, attracts the great sculptors of tomorrow.

Situated on Brac Island, off the coast of the town of Split, the small Croatian town of Pucisca houses the International Institute of Stonemasons, an establishment founded in 1909 to attract the cream of would-be sculptors. Over the years, the school has become a world-leader in this field, which is experiencing something of a renaissance, and people of all nationalities are to be found in the School’s workshops.

Klesarska, a Sanctuary for Stonemasons in Croatia

In class, 3 years of diligent work are required to master the ancestral technique, applied using traditional methods but also with ultramodern tools. 22 teachers, including 2 building engineers, lead students through an educational programme based on manual labour.

Stonemasonry school in Croatia student
Meticulous labour allows one to finely transform a block of stone into a sculpted object. © DR
Stonemasonry School in Croatia workshop
Of the same provenance as the stones of the White House, models vary according to fashion and the creativity of students. © DR

Art Exhibitions to Visit

Open to visitors, the Klesarska School, a member of the European Association of Building Crafts and Design, exhibits the finest pieces made by its students. Examples of bas-relief, columns, rose-windows, fountains, amphorae are sculpted from local marble rock. These works of art are conceived to adorn the country’s finest houses and grand European properties.

Stonemasonry School in Croatia models
Every visitor to the school will come away with fabulous decoration ideas for their own home. © DR

Yesterday, today and tomorrow, sculpted rock is eternal...