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Domaine Saint Clair, in Etretat, follow the footsteps of Arsène Lupin

Domaine Saint Clair, in Etretat, follow the footsteps of Arsène Lupin

Bordering the Alabaster Coast with its chalk cliff, the Domaine Saint Clair offers a stunning view on the Hollow Needle of Etretat, Arsène Lupin's favourite place.

Domaine Saint Clair, in Etretat, follow the footsteps of Arsène Lupin

Arsène Lupin, the « Gentleman Thief », contributed to the fame of Etretat. Along the seashore of this former fisherman's village, the main attraction is the Hollow Needle, a steep cliff whose maritime erosion forms a natural arch and a stunning limestone needle. Writer Maurice Leblanc made it the hideaway of a fabulous treasure in one of his fictional character's adventures.

With Arsène Lupin, at the Domaine Saint Clair

Perched high above the town, the imposing dungeon of the Domaine Saint Clair is now a hotel built in 1889 far from urban frenzy and agitation. This romantic rendezvous, offering discrete luxury, has managed to maintain an authentic atmosphere, making guests feel as though they were in a private home. You will be welcomed by Omar Abodib, the lucky owner, whose family owns the venue since 40 years, and whose wish is to make it « a house to share » for his privileged guests.

Domaine Saint Clair lobby - Etretat
The decoration of the hotel lobby is a savvy mix of Asian objects and Impressionist canvases. © DR
Saint Clair Aiguille Creuse restaurant le Donjon
From the tables of the Donjon restaurant, the panorama on the Hollow Needle is fascinating. © DR

A manor with rooms named after writers

In the lush park of the elegant Anglo-Norman manor,  22 rooms await you, furnished in the 19th century style, each one named after an illustrious writer, such as Pierre Loti, Marcel Proust, Anna de Noailles, Guy de Maupassant or Gustave Flaubert. And of course there is the Donjon, the gourmet enclave of chef Olivier Foulon, who pays homage to the surf and turf cuisine of the Pays de Caux. Without forgetting a cocktail bar and an outdoor pool with a sunny patio. All very good reasons to escape next weekend to Etretat, in the footsteps of Arsène Lupin…

Domaine Saint Clair at night
At night, the illuminated facade of the Domaine Saint Clair is even more magical ! © DR

What to visit in Etretat

  • Le Clos Lupin - A museum house in the local Normandy style to share the souvenirs and confidences of writer Maurice Leblanc, discover the secret of the Hollow Needle and the tantalizing universe of the Gentleman Thief, with the unforgettable voice of Georges Descrières, playing the charismatic Arsène Lupin.
  • Les Jardins d'Etretat - At the top of a cliff, landscape architect Alexandre Grivko has transformed Villa Roxelane by creating a poetic « Land Art » mixing surprising futuristic sculptures with vegetal paintings that extend towards the sea.
garden of Etretat
History buffs can venture out into the labyrinth of the Jardins d'Etretat before discovering the Clos Lupin… © DR

Staying at the Domaine Saint Clair

The lovebird weekend formula for 2 persons, at 500 €, includes accomodations in a superior suite with sea view, private jacuzzi, hammam shower, a candlelit dinner with a bottle of champagne and breakfast. Chemin de Saint Clair, 76 790 Etretat. Tel : 02 35 27 08 23. and

Domaine Saint Clair suite
This spectacular suite decorated in the Chinese style is the ideal nest for lovebirds. © DR