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East Coast, West Coast, the cult cities of the USA have their perfume

East Coast, West Coast, the cult cities of the USA have their perfume

Before going on a trip to a cult American city, just buy for yourself the perfume that has bottled its aromas.

East Coast, West Coast, the cult cities of the USA have their perfume

Nicolaï : New York

If your dream is to travel across the Atlantic to discover the mythical skyline of the city that never sleeps and its colossal Statue of Liberty, start by spraying yourself with its official fragrance ! This spicy oriental immediately conveys a special aura to those wearing it. 100 ml spray: 143 €.

Parfum Nicolaï New York
This peppery and spicy eau de toilette will immediately immerse you into the ambiance of Manhattan. © DR

Nutrimetics : Miami

The tutti frutti red apple, peach, raspberry and tangerine gourmet notes of this perfume are inspired by one of the most animated American cities, meant foremost for dynamic women who don’t hesitate to embrace life to the fullest. 100 ml spray: 43 €.

Parfum Numetrics Miami
With this spray, you will be ready to take advantage of the palm trees, the white sand beaches and the glam nightlife of Miami. © DR

Etat Libre d'Orange : Los Angeles

Written by Chandler Burr, the novel « You Or Someone Like You » finally becomes a perfume, bringing to mind freshly cut grass, chlorophyll chewing gum, a dash of cinnamon and the tangy green apple taste of a Mentos candy. 100 ml spray: 125 €.

Parfum Etat Libre d'Orange Los Angeles
Splash yourself generously with this Hollywood eau de toilette and shout loudly, I love LA ! © DR

Giorgio Beverly Hills : Giorgio Chic

Close to the most fascinating stars of Hollywood, this Californian perfumer launched Giorgio Chic, a brand new fragrance with a floral spirit whose case features thick black strips embossed with a very sexy black stiletto pump. Eau de toilette in a 90 ml spray: 78 €.

Parfum Giorgio Beverly Hills Giorgio
This solar fragrance will take you to Rodeo Drive, the most high-end « Shopping Avenue » of California… © DR

Tom Collins : San Francisco

Created by stylist Jeanne Arthes, this refreshing and energetic masculine eau de toilette liberates notes of citrus fruit and subtle spices. It will revitalize your five senses before strolling along the streets of « Frisco » or the Golden Gate Bridge. 100 ml spray: 45 €.

Parfum Tom Collins San Francisco
Symbol of a relaxed lifestyle, the cradle of the Silicon Valley is featured as a vibrant Eau de Toilette. © DR