Ego’s collection of modular outdoor furniture

Ego’s Sutra collection offers outdoor, modular furniture that can be adapted to suit each customer’s needs.

Now that summer has come to all of France, outdoor furniture is once again making its way into backyards and patios—as long as it can stand up to the rain and showers that also come with the season. Ego’s Sutra collection, which is inspired by the wooden picket fencing used to protect beachside dunes, is designed for exactly this purpose.

Ego’s new collection of outdoor furniture

The new collection is the work of the design studio 5.5, which used modular design to create a table and five seating elements made with teakwood battens. Some are placed vertically and attached to an aluminium structure, while others are placed horizontally, such as on a coffee table, allowing light to naturally shine through the gaps between the slats in a subtle interplay of shadow and graphic lighting.

Ego Sutra collection table
The wooden battens fit together perfectly to transform a gaming table into a dining table. © A. Childeric/Studio Kalice
Ego Sutra collection grey and blue
When you’re ready to switch from poolside to the patio, all you have to do is swap each element. © A. Childeric/Studio Kalice

An indoor/outdoor solution

With this organisational tool, users can convert the modules into a couch, deckchair, chair, or an island of relaxation. There are as many combinations as there are ways to sit down. The length of the chair can be increased or decreased by simply sliding its two interconnected parts, making it possible to create an endless number of configurations.

Ego Sutra collection Khaki Silver
Whether you opt for natural wood or khaki, all the different combinations result in chic, fun, and practical pieces. © A. Childeric/Studio Kalice

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