Eilat, the Israeli Riviera on the sunny Red Sea

At the extreme south of Israel, benefitting from permanent sunshine year-round, Eilat is located on the shores of the Red Sea.

A popular touristic destination since it now boasts a new international airport, the seaside resort of Eilat in only 4h by airplane from Paris. It cultivates a Californian touch and offers a wide array of deluxe hotels, shopping malls, festive attractions and diving spots. For sun worshipers, there is year-round sunshine and its beaches of fine sand with tranquil waters extend between the Negev desert and the city of Aqaba, in Jordania.

On the Israeli Riviera, bordering the Red Sea

Surrounded by purple mountains, the two main assets of this urban hot spot are its breathtaking panorama and  multicolored seabed. Nautical pleasures are bountiful with seafaring outings onboard sailboats, motor boats, glass bottom boats for mini cruises, while the divers will enjoy exploring the impressive natural coral reefs.

Eilat Observatory and Desert Environment
At the observatory, hop on board the submarine that dives up to 80m deep, then go off for an excursion in the desert. © Daphna Tal
Eilat coral reefs
Around the coral reefs, divers will swim amongst multicolored fish. © Daphna Tal

Circuits in the deserts

The city of Eilat is also the departure point of unusual and historic outings: botanical gardens, camel rides, trekking in the canyons, visiting natural reserves, circuits aboard jeeps towards Timna Park and the Columns of King Salomon or the volcanic crater of Mtzpe Ramon, eco-excursion to the Red Sea—a total change of scenery…

Eilat by night
In Eilat, evenings are animated and boutiques close very late. © Daphna Tal

Address book

  • Underwater Observatory Marine Park : museum, aquarium, this maritime park, 6 meters under the sea, is a window on the local aquatic fauna.
  • The Dolphins Reef: unique in the world, this attraction enables to observe dolphins in their natural habitat and to dive with an instructor to partake in their games.
  • Nachal Shlomo Camel Ranch: riding a camel or a donkey, participating in a "Nabatean market", there is a wide choice of amusing activities, ony 10 minutes from Eilat.
  • Negev Jeep Tours : excursions aboard a 4X4 in the desert and safaris are on the program to immortalize the most handsome landscapes of Israel.
  • Pago Pago restaurant: on the marina, this bistro boasts regional specialties and the great classics of international cuisine.
  • Ranch House : steakhouse known for its slabs, this restaurant, dedicated to our carnivore friends, is a must to enjoy top notch meats.

Staying in Eilat, Israel 

At Hotel Aria: on the waterfront, this 5 star offers high-end suites with balconies open on the mid-town skyline; for moments of relaxation, its Prana Spa features a range of revitalizing anti-age treatments. 

Eilat U Suites Hotel pool
In this region, where the summer sun is very strong, settle by the pool early in the morning, or at the end of the day. © DR

A spring escapade, in the sun of Eilat