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Elitis, the decorative elegance of furniture and walls

Elitis, the decorative elegance of furniture and walls

The new L'Accessoire collection for spring 2020 sets forth audacity, elegance and creativity at the heart of the decorative ranges of Elitis.

Elitis, the decorative elegance of furniture and walls

A French editor of upholsery fabrics, mural coatings, furniture and accessories, Elitis has put the spolight on creations. Since 1988, this unique house has been creating its collections by differenciating itself from the universe of traditional decoration. In 2020, it draws its inspiration from intuition to elaborate refined vegetal lines and harmonious overtones.

Furniture and walls decorated by Elitis

Techniques, materials, illustrations, the sources of inspiration for designers are infinite. With them, the patinas of furniture and walls seems to call upon charm and fullfillment. Thus, this offset refinement, worked on instinctively, penetrates the personality of places, improvising a mysterious ambiance in a dwelling to install cushions, carpets, comforters and curtains.

Elitis installed rooms
The wide ranges enable to showcase different ambiances in the bedroom. © DR
Elitis outdoor ambiances
In the balmy season, pillows and carpets move to the garden. © DR

Nature as source of inspiration

From one room to another, floral motifs and the purity of compositions enhance settings with evidence, revealing to the house references a character of eternity. Inspired by nature, they invite us to make a comeback to essentials, beyond trends and seasons, drawing their resources thanks to the generosity of nature—boundless and timeless source in the decoration universe.

Elitis living room accessories
Harmony reigns in this living room where the comfy sofas are an open invitation to settle in. © DR

Immortalizing a ready-to-live style in the house