In the English countryside, Leeds Castle celebrates its 900th anniversary

In the English countryside, Leeds Castle celebrates its 900th anniversary

In the county of Kent, the cradle of the British aristocracy, Leeds Castle, which is celebrating its 900th anniversary this year, is nestled in the heart of the English countryside.

Kent features a mild climate and is located two hours south of London. Its valleys harbour the United Kingdom’s most elegant estates, including Leeds Castle, which continues to enchant its visitors with its quintessentially British style. After 900 years of loyal service, the « loveliest castle in the world » is celebrating its 900th anniversary with a sprawling programme of events.

Leeds Castle turns 900

The site, which was once under Norman rule, was home to six queens and was the royal palace of Henry VIII. Under the guidance of Princess Alexandra of Kent, first cousin to Queen Elisabeth and the guardian of this majestic estate, which is surrounded by moats and nestled within 200 hectares of forests and French-style gardens, Leeds Castle is offering a growing number of medieval activities and events for people of all ages.

Leeds castle dining room
Only the castle’s owners are allowed to use this dining room. © DR
Leeds castle Thorpe Hall living room
Gentlemen typically enjoyed their cigars around this fireplace. © DR
Leeds castle library
The castle’s library contains its history. © DR

History as entertainment

Guests can choose from a wide variety of activities, including falconry demonstrations, medieval tournaments, boat tours around the lake, flower festivals, carnivals, performances of Shakespeare’s poetry, car shows, concerts, open-air films, fireworks, and a Christmas market. The castle even has a high-end restaurant and luxurious hotel rooms in case you don’t get your fill from a single day !

Leeds castle maze garden
One of the castle’s many attractions, the labyrinth, is a must see. © DR
Leeds castle afternoon tea
In England, tea time is sacrosanct. © DR

Welcome to the most British of British castles !