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ester & erik, decorative candles for important occasions

Aesthetic declarations with unique ambiances in the house, the candles of the Danish brand ester & erik are designed to be lit up during important events.

ester & erik, decorative candles for important occasions


Whether for ceremonies, banquets, birthdays, cocktails, candle-lit dinners, the wide array of candles manufactured by the Danish brand ester & erik are not an ordinary source of light. Classic, their elegant shapes convey unique ambiances to personalize each event, according to their own color palette. They offer the point of departure for a particular atmosphere in every room, but also outdoors.

The festive candles of ester & erik

Molded by hand, designed to burn slowly, without smoke or drops, the luxurious contemporary torches eventually die out before reaching their support. They are suitable for most modern candle holders and spread out in a very creative way throughout the universe of decoration. These precious models are created with the exclusive collaboration of perfumer Emmanuel Martini—a highly professional reference.

To each ambiance its lighting

From 1987, these new generation of candles were conceived by artisans as iconic pillars. Presented in 4 different sizes, showcased in 80 colors, some are covered with silver or gold lacquer. They are paired up with specimens sheltered in ceramic jars. Reusable, these will become vases or jewelry boxes that will never go out of fashion.

The olfactive voyages of perfumed candles

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