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e.zilight, office lamps with touchscreens

To help you reap the benefits of the digital age without sacrificing on style or comfort, e.zilight has launched a collection of touchscreen lamps.

e.zilight, office lamps with touchscreens


It’s time to consign your retro office lamps to the attic, basement, or your antique-loving friend. e.zilight is revolutionising light to provide you with optimal reading comfort. Featuring LED light and QI, a wireless charging technology for smartphones, its latest range has reinvented light fixtures with a range that’s more elegant and functional than ever.

e.zilight’s digital screen lamps

These sleek, beautiful lamps are designed to protect your eyes as you go about your day and feature a built-in light filter that blocks the blue light emitted by computer screens. Featuring a beautiful design and gorgeous finishes, the lamps are nevertheless powerful and economical. They even include a dimmer function that adapts the light to the time of day and reduces eye fatigue.

e.zilight writing desk lamp
Perched atop a mahogany desk, this charcoal-grey lamp is sure to catch everyone’s eye. © DR
e.zilight e4 lamp
In addition to its faux-leather ABS base, chrome-plated lines, and double-jointed arm, the e4 model lets you angle the light just how you want it. © DR

Managing your daily schedule under optimal lighting

These practical lamps are equipped with a bulb that lasts around 50 000 hours and are covered with Eye Protect film, which keeps direct contact with the eyes to a minimum. It also features a touchscreen so you can stay on top of your day. Get the time, date, room temperature, and even set an alarm for your next meeting. Your office really does deserve this little gift!

e.zilight e5 lamp
The e5 model provides extra lighting when natural light starts to wane. © DR

See lamps under a whole new light

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