A fantastic kick-off for the National Architecture Days !

11 Oct 2019
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The fourth edition of the French National Architecture Days has officially begun. This year, the festivities will focus on the ties between innovation and traditional heritage.

Top départ pour les Journées Nationales de l'Architecture !
In Marseille, the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations was built to blend in to the surrounding landscape from its perch across from the Fanal Tower. © Lisa Ricciotti


French Minister of Culture Franck Riester will kick off the fourth edition of the National Architecture Days, which will be held from 18 to 20 October 2019. Over the weekend, a line-up of culture-rich events will show how this creative discipline is an everyday art that defines our environment, housing, transportation, museums, public and athletic facilities.

Architecture : a national passion

Preserve, showcase, create, imagine, and adapt are the watchwords for this year’s festivities, which aim to show how innovation and heritage are far from contradictory. This edition will focus on projects that build bridges between modern creations and our built heritage in order to showcase existing structures and establish a dialogue with the contributions of future generations.

The Center of Culture and Memory in French Guiana In French Guiana, the design of the Centre of Culture and Memory was inspired by local culture. © d3architectes
The Passerelle Cultural Centre in Trévoux In Trévoux, in the department of Ain, the Passerelle Cultural Centre is home to a library, music conservatory, and a cinema. © Studio Erick Saillet

Decoding the work of architects

Seventeen versions of the event’s poster (one for each region) will be created, and the French National Architects’ Society will organise outreach activities for the public. The publisher À Vivre has also partnered with the event. With help from the project owners, they will open the doors of the centres and apartments they designed to help us better understand the world of architecture.

The Cluny Museum in Paris The Cluny Museum, which now sports a gilded façade, offers visitors a tour through all medieval cultures. © Michel Denance

Celebrating the many resources provided by our heritage

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