Finistère’s rich heritage of abbeys, manors, and castles

At the very tip of Europe, the « Chemins du Patrimoine », a cultural heritage trail in Finistère, connects five sites together, offering tourists a new cultural attraction.

1. Daoulas Abbey

A former 12th-century monastery once ruled by Augustinian canons, this abbey still bears traces of its original splendour. A Roman cloister complete with a pond, fountain, oratory, and exceptional gardens featuring medicinal plants only add to the site’s appeal.

Daoulas Abbey courtyard
Don’t forget to visit the vegetable garden in the abbey’s interior courtyard. Its many herbs and vegetables are well worth the trip ! © DR

2. Trévarez Estate

Nestled within an 85-hectare park, the Trévarez Estate has overlooked the Aulne valley for more than a century. Built during the bustling Belle Époque era, this residence was exceedingly modern for its time and features private, Art Nouveau-style apartments.

Trévarez Estate outside view
During your tour, be sure to visit the photography exhibition featuring Karl Blossfeldt, who uses nature as his muse. © DR

3. Relec Abbey

Founded in 1132, this abbey includes a Roman-style church, conventual buildings, ponds, a roadway lined with trees, a fountain, and prairies surrounded by moats. The abbatial church, which is now a listed monument, is an example of Cistercian architecture in Brittany.

Relec Abbey outside view
In addition to the original abbatial church and its ruins, the park is a preserved natural area that offers a beautiful backdrop for a stroll. © DR

4. Kernault Manor

This manor house is owned by the department of Finistère and extends across 30 hectares. Its original structure bears witness to the power of the former owners, who managed a vast agricultural estate at the time. The building includes traces of Gothic architecture, a 17th-century timber-framed attic, a private chapel, and a fish pond.

Kernault manor outside view
The timber-framed attic is currently under construction and will soon be open to visitors, who will also be able to enjoy touring a shop, café, and exhibitions in the space. © DR

5. Kerjean Castle

Kerjean Castle, built by Louis Barbier, is a symbol of the Renaissance and is one of the most beautiful estates in the region. Located on a 20-hectare plot, the castle features imposing ramparts and exceptionally ornate architecture on its gate, front courtyard, and beautiful facade.

Kerjean castle courtyard
Twenty-five rooms are open to visitors as well as exhibitions featuring historical items, modern art, and digital creations. © DR

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