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Fireplace screens: a cosy accessory for the home

The fireplace screen is much more than a simple protective cover. In fact, it has become a genuine work of art that can make your home feel even more cosy.

Fireplace screens: a cosy accessory for the home


Originally used as a screen, these household items were once an essential tool for protecting the people gathered around the hearth from the heat of the flames and hot embers, which could cause fire. Nowadays, fireplace screens have been reimagined by designers and serve a more decorative role.

Cosy wrought-iron fireplace screens

Made out of glass or steel, this new type of screen does not prevent the crackling sound of a good fire or its gentle heat from reaching the rest of the room. It is a piece of furniture all on its own that can be admired for its design and beauty. Inspired by the Renaissance, nature, the ocean, and the Art Deco movement, this curated selection from the American luxury department store Neiman Marcus adds a touch of whimsy to both traditional and modern living rooms.

The new decorative element for the home

Whether traditional, abstract, flowery, geometric, or covered with gold leaf, fireplace screens can create a new landscape or tableau all on their own. Paired with its must-have matching log rest, the fireplace screen is back in a big way. This piece looks equally at home in an apartment, town home, or vacation home—even on a beach. Customised and adapted to our changing climate, the fireplace screen is now a useful piece of furniture no matter the season.

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