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Folks, at the frontier between a work of art and the daily object

For modern and atypical interiors, Folks has imagined collections whose design mingle the spirit of a work of art and objects for daily use.

Folks, at the frontier between a work of art and the daily object


For those who want a different decoration style, not to copy everyone else's, Folks, a digital gallery editor of furniture and accessories, offers original pieces, self-produced in limited series by young designers. Ceramic, marble, brass or steel, the selection of materials is versatile but naturally harmonizes with all interiors, without taking a wrinkle over time..

A human-size enterprise 

The two founders of this community, created in 2018 by Thaïs Gaillard and Marie Gireud, in Lyon, travel to fairs and Design Weeks all over Europe in search of new nuggets, to discover the talents of tomorrow. The company now has around twenty signatures, such as Lucia Dos Santos, Haeghen Paris, Pia Chevalier, Elisa Uberti or even the UAU Project, which abounds with ideas.

Versatile craftsmanship

The duo also likes the idea that the line between a work of art and an everyday object can sometimes be blurry. Tableware, clever lighting solutions, small furniture, some pieces in their catalog come close to pure artistic creation and tell their own story. Far from the standardized manufacturing processes, enthusiasts will find there the genesis of a product and the skillful hand of the craftsman.

The craftsmanship universe at the heart of creation

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