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Fontfroide Abbey: a thousand-year-old architectural wonder

Fontfroide Abbey: a thousand-year-old architectural wonder

Fontfroide Abbey, an architectural complex that dates back to the last millennium, shares its history with its visitors in southern France.

Fontfroide Abbey: a thousand-year-old architectural wonder


Located 15 minutes from Narbonne, this gem from the Middle Ages can be found in the foothills of the Corbières. The majestic Fontfroide Abbey, now classified as a private monument, sweeps its visitors away on a journey through time. This historical destination in Occitanie offers a charming and inspiring atmosphere crafted by its old stones, peaceful gardens, and marvellous, open-air concerts.

Moving from one millennium to another in Fontfroide

Built in 1093, the abbey combines architectural prowess with nature in a perfect blend of both plants and the mineral world. Featuring a cloister, chapels, and stained glass windows, the abbey was built over the course of two hundred years, and the builders used a mixture of both Roman and Gothic styles. Fontfroide, which was originally a Benedictine, then a Cistercian abbey, looks like a castle. Even today, architects, artisans, and stone masons work tirelessly to maintain the abbey’s remarkable condition.

A thousand and one events year round

A full calendar of events takes place throughout the year to the delight of the abbey’s guests, who can learn more about the event and the location with help from a hand-held multimedia tablet. Thanks to theatrical tours provided by actors, conferences, treasure hunts, night-time tours with special sound and lighting effects, medieval-themed events, tours of private apartments, festivals, evening concerts, egg hunts, and plant festivals, visitors are constantly invited to embark on a wonderous journey.

A secret and historical destination in southern France that is well worth a second look

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