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French Cliché l'Appartement: 20th-century artisanal expertise

Poised at the crossroads of art, design, and fashion, French Cliché l'Appartement combines and enhances up-and-coming art with 20th-century artisanal expertise.

French Cliché l'Appartement: 20th-century artisanal expertise


In the confusing era of lockdowns and quarantines, creative ideas and energies of all kinds are coming together in every field to develop innovative concepts. The field of arts and crafts is no exception. Designers Hugo Matha and Emily Marant, in collaboration with Maison Mère and Galerie Joyce, have founded a Parisian boutique featuring one-of-a-kind or limited edition-pieces available for order or pick-up.

A gorgeous take on mobile items

This collaborative platform provides emerging talents access to a turbulent crossroad of ideas and a cabinet of curiosities from which to launch collections of hand-crafted artisanal items for the home. These pieces are inspired by French culture and offer a reinterpretation of 20th-century style while using modern materials and colours.

A path forward paved with artistic talent

The boutique is home to a steady stream of unique and surprising meetings and events with photographers, sculptors, stylists, ceramic artists, and plastic artists. This exciting, inclusive, and eclectic scene challenges and revisits poetic, humorous, and aesthetic clichés, pitting, for example, Marie-Antoinette against Boris Vian to create the ideal depiction of a redefined future. A breath of fresh air is sweeping through France’s home-made heritage.

Breaking down clichés to open new doors to the rest of the world

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