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In Gargas, Régis Mathieu's chandeliers are presented in an original museum

In Gargas, Régis Mathieu's chandeliers are presented in an original museum

A true race car buff, Régis Mathieu has taken the opportunity to mix vintage roadsters with his fantasy-filled lighting creations, in a small museum located in the scenic town of Gargas, in the Luberon region.

In Gargas, Régis Mathieu's chandeliers are presented in an original museum

Upon entering the Musée de la Lustrerie Mathieu, implanted in the hamlet of Sauvans, nestled in the Luberon, one immediately is surprised by the unusual mix of vintage cars and crystal chandeliers. An original approach set forth by Régis Mathieu who has opened up this space to the public after his brand was labelized as Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Enterprise of Living Patrimony) by the Ministry of Culture.

The Musée de la Lustrerie Mathieu is open to the public

A privileged partner of Haute Couture and high-end jewellery, his technical expertise also allows him to restore the chandeliers of historical monuments. And in the rooms of the museum, more than 200 of his fanciful luminaries as well as copies, from the 15th to the 21st century, mesmerize visitors in a fairy tale of lights while taking them on a journey of aesthetical shapes and technological innovations.

 crystal and vintage cars by Mathieu
No sports vehicle is for sale, the personal collection of Régis Mathieu accompanies a number of old style chandeliers . © DR
Lustrerie Mathieu collection
The leading names of international luxury come here for special lighting pieces and customized orders. © DR

Luminous sculptures for prestigious clients

In this reconverted ochre factory, the house collections radiate, like luminous sculptures, before setting off to conquer the markets of the Middle-East, the United States and Asia where the French Touch truly appeals to a prestigious clientele. A unique know-how to be discovered as soon as possible !

Lustrerie Mathieu Abysse and Niagara Wave
Amongst the novelties, the Abysse and Niagara Wave are already very successful. © DR
Lustrerie Mathieu Crossing Light et Orbit
Crossing Light and Orbit are meant for showrooms and oversized salons. © DR

The lighting fixture becomes an art work in its own right.