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Ghent: a Van Eyck retrospective at the Beaux-Arts Museum

County seat of the Flemish region, in Belgium, the city of Ghent has organized a retrospective for the Medieval painter, Jan Van Eyck, in its Beaux-Arts Museum.

Ghent: a Van Eyck retrospective at the Beaux-Arts Museum


Until 30 April 2020, the Flemish master Jan Van Eyck will be in the spotlight during the exhibition « An Optical Revolution », dedicated to his work. The one who hoisted oil painting to the highest summits ever reached, by surpassing his peers, triggered an artistic revolution. His paintings are presented next to the creations of the most talented artists of his time.

The beaux-arts pay homage to Van Eyck

The event is all the more notable, since half of his canvases, scattered around the world, made the journey to the Musée des Beaux-arts, in Ghent. A feat that makes his universe and his revolutionary outlook more modern than ever, by articulating them around the outdoor renovated shutters of « The Adoration of the Mystical Lamb »—a polyptych painted on wood.

Van Eyck the Annunciation and the man with a blue
A sense of detail, colors, the Annunciation and the Man with the Blue Cap are examples of the painter's great maestria. © DR
Van Eyck dyptich
A work as rare as it is fragile, this sacred dyptych is priceless. © DR

A highly expected success

This painting is essential to understand the creative environment of its author, accustomed to the opulence set forth by the court of the Duc de Bourgogne, Philippe le Bon, where he lived. This was the setting for his lively portraits where the only thing missing in his characters is breathing, and his landscapes present the world under all its facets. In order to curtail the affluence, it is highly advised to book your visit on line.

Van Eyck angel Gabriel
Painted several centuries ago, this canvas of Angel Gabriel has not taken a single wrinkle. © DR

Works of art to travel in the distant past

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