A gothic and baroque escapade in Prague, at the heart of Europe

19 Aug 2017
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The Gothic city with a hundred bell towers, Prague, once again in the spotlight, can be visited during a weekend, to encounter its Baroque treasures.

Escapade gothique et baroque à Prague, au cœur de l’Europe
Separated by the Vltava river, the two embankments of Prague collect old bridges. © DR


Passionate about glorious history and culture ? Welcome to the Czech capital. The « queen of cities » bewitches its visitors. On the embankments of the Vltava, it showcases the most extravagant architectural styles. Contemplate its centennial stone witnesses by borrowing the winding streets leading to the « Château ». On your way towards this ensemble comprising a palace, cathedrals coiffed with cupolas and hanging gardens, you will cross the Charles bridge, medieval gem of Bohemia.

Prague, Baroque capital of Europe

This metropolis of the Old Continent is also proud of the heritage bestowed by the Jewish community whose district of synagogues is filled with history. Picturesque tramways will enable you to circulate quickly between the monuments of Prague : the museums of Modern Art, Decorative Arts and Art Nouveau, dedicated to the painter Mucha, the Municipal House with its gilded reception rooms, churches proudly displaying their steeples towards the sky, Venceslas place, the former City Hall and its famed astronomical clock, very close to where writer Franz Kafka lived, there is a wide array of choices for visitors…

Charles Bridge in Prague The best time to cross the Charles bridge is at night when charm mingles with mystery. © DR
Astronomical tower in prague A major touristic attraction, the Astronomical Tower displays two medieval time pieces on the wall of the former City Hall. © DR

When romanticism goes East

The new Eastern shopping destination, Prague abounds with crystal creations that will sparkle on your tables, while porcelains, folkloric hand-painted dolls, eggs and puppets are sure to make charming gifts. And when night falls, pleasure boats light up to offer you the most beautiful spectacle on this romantic oasis of Europe.

Prague Opéra The leading orchestras in the world all perform on the prestigious stage of the Prague Opera House. © DR

Address book

  • V Zatisi www.zatisigroup.cz Hidden in a small bourgeois street of the old town, the flagship of this group of restaurants is always full. Three dining rooms, three different ambiances welcome you in keeping with your whims of the moment. A wall of books for the first one, precious tiling in the second and a trendy-cosy atmosphere for the last room, all serving the same cuisine borrowed from the international repertoire. Count 50 €.
  • Francouzska Restaurace www.obecnidum.cz Right next to the Municipal House, a gilded theater of prestige, the French Restaurant is located in an Art Nouveau building. Gold, chandeliers, wood paneling, clocks, mosaics, chandeliers, all these period pieces are preciously upkept. Here the great classics of French Cuisine are interpreted with brio. The show is just as much in the dining room as inside the plates. Count 70 €.
  • Erpet Bohemia Crystal www.erpetcrystal.cz This boutique features table settings in Bohemian crystal, porcelain and jewellery in gold and garnet for the happy few.
  • Getting there : Air France offers 7 daily flights to Prague. www.airfrance.fr
  • Staying there : At the Pachtuv Palace, where Mozart resided. Nestled in the heart of the old city, this Baroque 17th century palace, classified as historical monument, is anchored along the Vltava and offers deluxe accomodations. www.pachtucpalace.cz
  • Infos : National Czech Tourism Office on www.prague-info.cz/fr
Pachtuv palace in Prague In the suites of the Pachtuv Palace, the original frescoes are historical. © DR
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