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Graham & Brown, colorful floral wallpapers

In the very British county of Lancashire, Graham & Brown has imagined wallpaper collections illustrated with floral bouquets, which the entire world is wild about

Graham & Brown, colorful floral wallpapers


Since more than 70 years, the landscapes and gardens of Lancashire, a green region in the Northern part of England, have served as inspiration for the stylists of the House founded by 2 friends, Harold Graham and Henry Brown. Still a family enterprise, it has become the leading wallpaper manufacturer in England. A status of champion in the area, rewarding its continual quest for innovation and creativity.

Graham & Brown, floral bouquets on our wallpapers

From the launch of the first mural coatings to slightly waffled looks, up to contemporary natural prints, the brand has always edited its own trend books. It also features ranges of paints and accessories in order to match the spirit of homogenous decoration in our interiors. Its 2020 collection provides a flashback to the 20th century, under the sign of « Flower Power ».

Aesthetics borrowed from the Victorian era 

Fresh, kitch and baroque, the Bloomsbury models incarnate radiant bouquets that intermingle in the foreground, alongside butterflies placed on a mint, blue, white or black colored background. This fusion of yellow, violet and red flowers gives birth to a comeback of « Boho » aesthetics from the Victorian era, through harmonious drawings that provide an escape. The foretaste of an enchanting refinement!

The comeback of flowers for interior decorating

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