The Great Musical Waters of Versailles, an aquatic extravaganza

The Great Musical Waters of Versailles, an aquatic extravaganza

Until the 28th of October 2018, aquatic events will be organized all over the Domain of Versailles conveying music to its fountains and its basins.

There are a thousand and one ways of visiting the Château of Versailles ! Far from the opulence of the Galerie des Glaces, the gardens, which under the reign of Louis XIV, were the antechamber of the court, have become a new entertainment destination. The general public can come take advantage of grandiose musical representations around the fountains and basins that come alive with water and music, every afternoon.

Aquatic and musical entertainment in Versailles

In the lush greenery of each grove, a water basin, decorated with statues gilded in fine gold, spurts to the sounds of leading baroque composers, from Lully to Rameau. Thus begins a choreography where playful aquatic sprays and cascades accompany this royal promenade.

Versailles Basin of Apollon
Surging forth from the bottom of the water, Apollo's chariot is located in a basin facing the Grand Canal of Versailles' royal domain. © DR
Versailles bosquet des bains d'Apollo
In the Grove of Apollo's Baths, cascades sign here a neo-classic venue with a wide array of sculptures. © DR

Costumed concerts and fireworks

The small plus that makes all the difference, on Saturday, at the end of the day, you will have the possibility of pairing your discovery of the Great Musical Waters with a visit of the palace apartments, in the presence of musicians and dancers, wearing period costumes, during a show entitled Royal Serenades, unless you choose the option of the evening spectacle, crowned by spectacular fireworks…

Versailles Grove of the Ballroom
Decorated with rockery, shells, vases and elaborate torches, the Ballroom Grove cultivates its aspect of an outdoor salon. © DR
Versailles Basin of Neptune
Every fifteen minutes, Neptune's Basins is ornamented with fairytale water spouts. © DR

The water ballet of the most beautiful garden in the world