In Hainaut province, Attre Castle unveils its Rocher Royal

Attre Castle, a historic private mansion in Belgium’s Hainaut province, is allowing visitors an up-close look of its Rocher Royal.

For anyone not familiar with the country, Belgium is full of fine dining, wonderful historical sites, and cultural and natural treasures that make the trip well worth the effort. This fascinating country even has the largest number of castles per square meter in the world. Attre Castle, located in the border region of Hainaut province, offers visitors a wide array of surprises in its rooms and surrounding grounds.

The Rocher Royal : the highlight of any visit to Attre Castle

This neoclassical manor from the 18th century stills boasts its original decor and is listed as a Major Heritage Site of Wallonia. It was the holiday home of the governor of Belgium, the Archduchess Marie-Christine, and Prince Albert of Saxony. These nobles held hunting excursions in the woods of the estate around an artificial cave topped with a pavilion that served as a focal point.

Attre Castle main staircase
With its master paintings, hunting trophies, ancient weapons, palanquin, and central staircase, the entrance hall makes quite the impression. © DR
Attre Castle salon
The chamberlain of the emperor of Austria was responsible for decorating this Louis XV-style country estate. © DR

An English-style park full of curiosities

The 24-metre-tall artificial cave was deliberately built to resemble a ruin from the neo-romantic period and features underground corridors that offer a lovely place to stroll. The surrounding English-style park also houses monuments like the dovecote, the mysterious Vignou Tower, the Swiss Chalet, and the Bath Lodge. You’ll have to visit the castle yourself to learn about all its secrets.

Attre Castle Rocher Royal and Swiss Chalet
Among the many curiosities you can visit in the park, the Rocher Royal and the Swiss Chalet have their own share of legends and mysteries. © DR

In the cave of a private manor home with royal cachet