Handsome books on architecture, habitat and urbanism over the centuries

Handsome books on architecture, habitat and urbanism over the centuries

Habitat, urbanism, these books on architecture are a testimony of the evolution in terms of constructions and know-how over the centuries.

The Private Mansions of Montpellier

When leafing through this book illustrated with 500 photos, you will be able to penetrate inside 150 homesteads in Montpellier, one of the cities featuring the most private mansions, from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. Discover their exceptional architectures and their history! €30.  Published by Editons Papillon Rouge.

Les Hôtels Particuliers de Montpellier book
Push open the doors, Montpellier has many unexpected surprises for you . M© DR

Along the Route des Malouinières around Saint-Malo

This well illustrated book will enable you to discover the most handsome Malouinières homesteads, around Saint-Malo, in Brittany. Secondary residences with the allure of châteaux, in the 17th and 18th century, they were used to hide the wealth of their owners. €8. Published by Editions Ouest France.

Sur la Route des Malouinières book
Careful, this book risks making you like Brittany even more… © DR

Magicians in Provence

In the Lafourcade family, architecture and garden design has been a strong passion from generation to generation. Masonry, stone cutting, cabinet making, iroawork, restoring 18th century edifices by these magicians has awakened lovely sleeping beauties. €45. Published by Editions Loco.

Magiciens en Provence book
Saved by expert hands, this facade is given a new life under the sign of good taste. © DR

The Châteaux of the Loire Valley

From Chambord to Chenonceaux, the Val de Loire valley unveils venues illustrating the grand hours of France's History. This book will reveal the secrets behind the architecture of châteaux, gardens and hidden treasures, inscribed on Unesco's World Heritage List. €20. Published by Editions De Borée.

Les Châteaux de la Loire book
426 rooms, 83 staircases, 282 fireplaces, 4,500 art objects, the architecture of Chambord rivals with Versailles! © DR

Soviet Asia

Italian photographers Roberto Conte and Stefano Perego visited the former Soviet Republics of Kazakhstan, Kirghizistan, Ouzbekistan and Tadjikistan to immortalise buildings, built starting in the 1950s and until the fall of the URSS. €30. Published by Editions Fuel.

Livre Soviet Asia
Museums, dwellings, universities, palace, the images showcase various modernist buildings for the most part unknown in the Western hemisphere. © DR