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HiCan, a smart bed that doubles as a home cinema

HiCan, a smart bed that doubles as a home cinema

The HiCan bed is a new, multi-purpose tool that’s packed with technology. In fact, it serves as its own home cinema and will complement any modern interior.

HiCan, a smart bed that doubles as a home cinema

It’s every geek’s dream—a single piece of furniture that combines a soft bed, high-tech gadgets, and an array of applications. The HiCan, short for High Fidelity Canopy, is a luxurious, streamlined cocoon that offers a one-of-a-kind connected experience by allowing users to watch films, TV series, and video games as well as listen to their favourite albums—all from the comfort of their bed.

Snuggled up in a home cinema

A cosy haven with futuristic styling, this high-tech marvel is packed with top-of-the-line gadgets, including a cutting-edge audio system, invisible speakers, Airplay-connected Apple TV, built-in Wi-Fi, an alarm system, adjustable ambient lighting, shelving to house and plug in consoles, privacy blinds, an HD projector, and a plasma-screen home cinema.

HiCan bed frame
The wooden structure of the bed can change its look depending on the time of day or night. © DR
HiCan bed open
Automatic blinds can shield any side of the HiCan from prying eyes. © DR

Applications for everything you need

The designers have paid equal attention to the bed’s comfortable amenities. The headboard and footboard are adjustable. The HiCan also records how much time the user spends lying down, and the tracker analyses ambient temperature, air quality, and sound pollution as well as the user’s body temperature, quality of sleep, and movement during the night. This sumptuous bed, which combines wellness with entertainment, can be yours for 40 000 €.

HiCan bed bedroom ambiance
During the day, the HiCan transforms into a beautiful piece of furniture that everyone can admire. © DR

Taking connected sleep to the next level