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Holocène, New Age oil lamps designed by Kos Lighting

A new luminous source at Kos Lighting, the range of Holocène oil lamps is developed in collaboration with 3 well-known designers.

Holocène, New Age oil lamps designed by Kos Lighting


While there are more and more luminous sources using LED technology, public spaces as well as in private habitats, with a diffusion of white and black light, the Swedish lighting company Wästberg, exclusively distributed by Kos Lighting in France, decided to go back to the oil lit trend in order to launch a collection that does not require using electricity.

Oil lamps at Kos Lighting

Developed with the help of three well-known designers, like Jasper Morrison, Ilse Crawford and David Chipperfield, the Holocène range, a name borrowed from the geological period that spans the last 10000 years, and during which the climate of the Earth has become warmer, can be considered as a homage to fire and a period when man still lived in harmony with nature.

Holocène lamp by David Chipperfield
In the kitchen or a living room, the oil lamp of David Chipperfield remains very discrete while illuminating the room. © Emil Fagander
Holocène lamp n°1 by Jasper Morrison
Easy to move around, this candle-shaped lamp is suited to the luminous ambiance of an office. © DR

Preserved energetic ressources 

Mixing strong aesthetic research, state-of-the-art technology, and privileging ressourced management, these oil lamps in brass could change your sense of illumination at the heart of the house. Placed on the ground, on a table or hanging from a wall, they can even be transported and used inside or outside so that the show can go on…

Holocène lamp n°2 by Jasper Morrison
At the foot of a staircase or on a garden table, the portable lamp of Jasper Morrison is highly elegant. © Gilbert McCarragher

Return towards the future of interior lighting

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