The home of Victor Hugo on Guernesey island, Hauteville House displays its new colors

The home of Victor Hugo on Guernesey island, Hauteville House displays its new colors

On Guernesey island, the former homestead of Victor Hugo has reopened its doors to the public after 18 months of intensive renovation.

Off the coast of Saint-Malo, the Anglo-Normand island of Guernesey has preserved traces from the passage of Victor Hugo, who lived here in exile, during 15 years, upon order by Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte. Hauteville House, the house he purchased, has finally recovered some ot its glam. Visitors can come rediscover magnified spaces, steeped with the memory of an outstanding literary, artistic and political life.

Hauteville House, flagship of Guernesey island

Thanks to the sponsorship of the Pinault Collection and the City of Paris, the house now features its initial aspect with decors reproduced as they were imagined and created by the artist himself—architect decorator on the side. A place of memory, classified on the list of Historical Monuments, the interior of the homestead, where he wrote Les Misérables, is a perfect example of Decorative Art.

Hauteville House salon
Velvets, gilding and sculptures share this flamboyant salon. © DR
Hauteville House bedroom-office
In the bedroom-office of Victor Hugo, the wood paneling is a masterpiece in its own right. © DR

A very creative personal style 

Protected from the sea spray, the site is in keeping with what the author wished to showcase. Assembling objects, furniture, materials, tapestries, the ceramics and wood paneling, a far cry from usual rules, all claim a personal creative style. This renaissance is an occasion to appreciate the patrimony, the traditions and the wild beauty of this gem, part of the British crown.

Hauteville House library
The library is one of the strong points of each visit to this historical homestead. © DR
Hauteville House creamics salon
From the windows of this living room, ornamented with ceramics, you can see the port of Saint-Pierre-Port. © DR

A homage to Victor Hugo the builder, on a British confetti