Hôtel Métropole, a unique Belle Époque landmark museum in Brussels

Hôtel Métropole, a unique Belle Époque landmark museum in Brussels

Linked to the image and the story of Brussels, the Métropole Hotel is a Belle Epoque landmark where luxury is second nature.

No needto reside here to admire the venue, just enter the lobby and enjoy the spectacle of this living museum, at the heart of Brussels. Associated to the urban landscape of the city, the story of the Hotel Métropole goes back to 1890 when a café was opened by the Wielemans brewers as window-display for their beers. Thus was born a palace whose opulent decor seduced its residents.

The Belle Époque era at the Musée Métropole of Brussels

All the architectures are represented here in a deluxe atmosphere: wood panelling, teck, marble, bronze, wrought iron, these different materials reflect the idea of comfort highlighted by French architect Alban Chambon at the beginning of the 20th century. The main lobby, in the style of the French Renaissance, leads to a hallway in the Empire spirit, and the columns sketching the space unveil a series of Art Nouveau stainglass windows.

Hôtel Métropole Bruxelles public space
Ornamented with walls in marble and old carpets, the public spaces have incredible charm. © DR
Hôtel Métropole Bruxelles salon
Look up and enjoy the spectacle, it is offered to all. © DR

An artistic and cultural profusion

Impossible to miss the superb staircase and the elevator in mahogany. Created by leading artists and crafts persons of the era, the sculpture of the Nymph on the fountain of the restaurant unveils the charm of Romanesque art, while the Renaissance lobby and the Indian reading room complete the enchanting picture. One regret only, the visit of this very tasteful monument is free…

Hôtel Métropole Bruxelles café
Organising a rendezvous in this reception room for a cocktail or dinner is the utmost of chic. © DR
Hôtel Métropole Bruxelles bedroom
Soon to be yours: the Jacques Brel, Yehudi Menuhin, Rudolf Noureev, Sarah Bernhardt suites or above, the Presidential one. © DR

An Art Déco refuge for world leaders