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House of collectors, the Lambinet Museum reveals its hidden treasures

House of collectors, the Lambinet Museum reveals its hidden treasures

In Versailles, the Lambinet Museum will unveil its hidden treasures, in the Espace Richaud, located in the heart of the former Royal Hospital, from September 20 to November 17, 2019.

House of collectors, the Lambinet Museum reveals its hidden treasures

Two minutes away by horse-drawn carriage from the Palace of Versailles, the Lambinet Museum, the former mansion of King Louis XV’s building contractor, has been the property of the city since 1929, and houses the municipal collections. From that date, the former stately home has promoted the fine arts and the decorative arts by constructing the replica of an apartment from the royal period.

The unveiled collections of the Lambinet Museum

For the first time in its history, this rich museum of collectors, a jewel of very diverse works, will invest the Espace Richaud and display rarely visible treasures, either because they are too precious and fragile, or are kept in the reserves. Rembrandt, Houdon, Lalique, David d’Angers, Carrière or Signac will be featured and offer visitors a journey through art, from the 17th century to the beginning of the 20th century.

Versailles Espace Richaud rotunda
Works will be exhibited around this naturally lit rotunda. © DR
Lambinet Museum gouache fan
This fan, whose designer remains anonymous, is made of ivory sticks and dates back to 1750. It shows the royal carriage penetrating the gates of the Palace of Versailles. © DR

The Espace Richaud : a majestic place

In eight rooms distributed over two floors, 50 works of art will be exhibited in this former religious hospice, run by the Daughters of Saint Vincent de Paul, and transformed into a public cultural institution dedicated to cultural heritage and contemporary art. A great opportunity to discover both a historical site and hidden treasures...

Lambinet Museum stage diadem
Made by Lalique for the stage in 1899, this ivory and aluminium diadem proves the creative genius of this glassmaker. © DR
Lambinet Museum clocks
The details of these clocks speak volumes about the extreme refinement that the great and the good demanded of their craftsmen. © DR
Lambinet Museum painting and medallion
At Espace Richaud, the Sibyl by Francesco Cairo will be alongside the portrait of Alexandrine Lenormant d'Etiolles by François Boucher. © DR

Seeking the hidden treasures of Versailles...