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House decor : Graccioza highlights the bathroom with new towel collections

Dedicated to home decoration, the Portuguese brand, Graccioza, unveils its bath towel collections conveying to bathrooms the sign of ultimate comfort.

House decor : Graccioza highlights the bathroom with new towel collections


Amongst the most important pieces of our interiors, the bathroom deserves all our attention, at the beginning and the end of each day. House linen brands continue to move upmarket and now offer products worthy of palaces in order to snuggle inside before or after a shower or bath. Once again, Graccioza is in the spotlight with its models creating an ambiance of comfort and well-being.

Bath linens in Egyptian cotton

Incredibly soft and absorbing, these house towels are a real pleasure when in contact with the skin and appeal to the most exacting clientele. In a multitude of colours, materials, sobre and plain motifs, or with contemporary fanciful designs, these bath towels are made in 100 % jacquard cotton terrycloth. The careful craftsmanship and deluxe finishing of the designers guarantee beauty and durability.

Special manufacturing techniques

Harmonious and absorbing, these bath towels, with generous proportions, are at the same time ultra-light, ideal to enjoy on a daily basis and very quick to dry. Cleverly stacked on the edge of a shelf, or nonchalantly placed next to the sink or the bathub, they enable luxury to enter in the bathroom. The new Fall season is always a good moment to renew decorating accessories that make all the different in an elegant home.

A universe of softness that awakens interior decors

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