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Humanoid : Yinka Shonibare’s sculpture collections

Humanoid : Yinka Shonibare’s sculpture collections

Yinka Shonibare, a unique artist with both English and Nigerian influences, creates sculpture collections that speak to our future as humanoids.

Humanoid : Yinka Shonibare’s sculpture collections


Yinka Shonibare is sure to rank highly on the list of artists who will garner the most attention in 2019. A painter, sculptor, and photographer, the Nigerian-born Londonite, who was named a "Member of the British Empire", one of Britain’s highest distinctions, has burst onto the international stage as a post-colonial hybrid living in a globalised world.

Yinka Shonibare’s humanoid vision

The artist’s favourite material is batik, a brightly coloured African fabric in which wax is used to create patterns. Inspired by Indonesian design and manufactured in Holland, this cloth, which the artist purchased at the Brixton market, is the main medium he uses to cover his surrealist figurines. Shonibare’s approach to arranging his mannequins reflects the artist’s thoughts on identity, memory, authenticity, and cultural blending.

Yinka Shonibare sculptures with animals
These eccentric ladies offer a fresh take on the fashion of the British aristocracy. © DR
Yinka Shonibare sculptures world map
These mannequins, which seem to have lost their heads, are ready to tour the world’s museums and galleries. © DR

An arty fashion show

The Humanoid collection, which has already been displayed in the Victorian world of London as well as New York, Tokyo, Ottawa, Venice, and Stockholm, might be coming back to France in the near future. Until then, a quick daytrip on the Eurostar is all it takes for a look at a collection of arty, headless mannequins unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Yinka Shonibare sculpture rocking chair
Yinka Shonibare’s chairs have already tipped towards success ! © DR

When beauty breaks the rules…

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