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Indian savours, the Top 5 of bollywood tables in Paris

Indian savours, the Top 5 of bollywood tables in Paris

Very trendy in the foodosphere, Indian cuisines have made a name for themselves in Paris to seduce all those who enjoy Bollywood savours.

Indian savours, the Top 5 of bollywood tables in Paris

1. Restaurant Jodhpur Palace

On the edge of the Coulée Verte and the Bois de Vincennes, this well-known restaurant, with the allure of a Maharajah's palace, features the signature dishes of the blue town in the province of Rajasthan on its menu. In a soft thousand and one nights ambiance, Naans, eggplant curry, Basmati rice, vegetarian Daal and Tandoori chicken are very subtly cooked and spiced. À la carte: €40.

Jodhpur Palace restaurant
In the fluid and renovated dining room, the ballet of servers begins as soon as you sit down. © DR

2. Restaurant Ratn

At the heart of the Golden Triangle, this is the gourmet rendezvous of Indian aristocracy, and the favorite table of the Ambassador of New Delhi in France. The place is low key, posh, and the elegant hospitality of the owner, Sanjiv Bhalla, is highly appreciated—just like the Kadai Murgh, a secret recipe stemming from Moghol cuisine in the north of India which he serves to gourmets in the know. A la carte:  €70.

Restaurant Ratn
To enter in this posh room with floral motifs, a dress code is required. © DR

3. Restaurant Jaipur Café

Namasté! Welcome to millenial India, and in the pink city of Jaipur. Colorful, fragrant, the cuisine of this gastronomic venue, featuring many touristic touches, features preparations of Pakora, Samosas, beef Massala and chicken Tikka to transform your meal into a far-flung culinary journey… A la carte: €40.

Jaipur Café restaurant
Renewing your memories of the land of Maharajahs around tasty plates, to enjoy a special moment. © DR

4. Restaurant Papadoom Kitchen

Near the Grands Boulevards, this place, whose name is inspired by an Indian galette, accompanied by a yogurt or mango chutney sauce, plays essentially on the exotic card, with a disco sound-track and a contemporary decor. Chef Sandra Salmandjee plays her partition perfectly when it comes to Goa Fish, Chicken Korma, Gambas Coconut and veggie specialties. A la carte: €30.

Restaurant Papadoom
Indian street food has found refuge in this exotic restaurant serving a home-made cuisine. © DR

5. Restaurant Khajurao

Named after the most visited village of the Indian sub-continent, this elegant table on the Left Bank nourishes both the body and the soul, as advocated by the philosophy of the Madhya Pradesh region. Here, starters, dishes and desserts are inspired by royal cuisine, such as Teekha Achari lamb, Bombay Pani Puri and Dum Biryani shrimp. A la carte: €50.

Khajurao restaurant
This is just the right address for a total immersion in the sensorial culture of this fascinating country. © DR