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International Biennale of Contemporary Ceramics in Vallauris, let's go!

From the 29th of June to the 4th of November 2109, it's a new innovative and connected Biennale Internationale de Céramique Contemporaine that will be taking place in Vallauris.

International Biennale of Contemporary Ceramics in Vallauris, let's go!


Showcasing the talents of the world of ceramics since 25 years, the star guest in Vallauris, for 2019, is the Italian city of Faenza with the exhibition Terra Italia. The hub of pottery makers will indeed be celebrating its gold jubilee by making a turning point, that of the modernity of our era and the opening on a creative universe in perpetual movement in order to forge new identities.

The address for the Biennale is Vallauris

In the village, 4 sites will be opening up their spaces to talents supposed to redefine the very concept of the Biennale. The Musée Magnelli de la Céramique, Eden, the Maison des Quartiers as well as Espace Grandjean will in turn exhibit the latest trends in the field through fascinating exhibitions enhancing this artistic vein that is sparking renewed interest.

Ceramic creations 2019
In the 2019 edition, the diversity of shapes and colors is without limits. © DR
 Meteorite ceramic and undressed vase
All these pieces were conceived to decorate an interior or to be included in a museum collection. © DR

Investing in the talents of tomorrow

To celebrate this event, workshop visits are on the agenda with animations and projections that will be taking place on the theme of artistic trades. Meanwhile a professional jury will reward works selected for their poetry while privileging the originality of shapes, sculptural elements and technical mastery. Now it's up to you to discover the talents of tomorrow!

Ceramic Perpetual Movement by Grégoire Scalabre
Seemingly most simple shapes are those requiring the greatest mastering of technique. © DR

The Biennale reinvents itself over the years…

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