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Italian Luxury Lighting, the sparkling chandeliers of master craftspersons

Italian Luxury Lighting, the sparkling chandeliers of master craftspersons

In the region of Venetia, leading craftsmanship artisans elaborate the chandeliers of Italian Luxury Lighting, a family company celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Italian Luxury Lighting, the sparkling chandeliers of master craftspersons


The multi-faceted universe of crystal chandeliers is majestic. Symbol of opulent palaces, embassies, museums, châteaux, theaters and reception rooms, since the Middle-Ages, this luminary, hanging thanks to a chain or a rope, and in the past garnished with candles, benefitted from the arrival of electricity for a second life. Its modernity takes on new shapes.

Under the chandeliers of master Itlalian artisans

Utilitarian and participating in the decorative implementation of a space, most of the time it comprises hand-cut prisms and tassels reflecting the light in the reception room of a prestigious building in order to increase luminosity. At Italian Luxury Lightning, backed by know-how acquired in Venice and on the island of Murano, since 30 years, the success is more than ever on the agenda.

Elegance and Chandelier
Neo-classic or neo-contemporary, the choice is yours. © DR
green Maria Teresa chandelier
This chandelier does not go unnoticed, but that's it's very purpose. © DR

A catalogue of desirable objects

Its Maria-Teresa, Empire, Orchidea, Elegance and Venice collections, whose silhouettes certify the hability of Italian master craftspersons, have gone around the world. Representing luxury, with sizes expanding in keeping with the venues where they are installed. So it's by leafing through their catalogue that you will discover the rare pearl that will perfectly suit your rare interior. Period or contemporary…

Lustre Orchedia violet
A mix of modernity and tradition, this luminary adpats to all the interiors… however it's necessary to have high ceilings. © DR

Light, design and elegance in the same space

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