The Jaguar I-Pace Concept, an all-electric Crossover

Jaguar, the upscale British automobile manufacturer, is creating an electric revolution with its I-Pace Crossover. Available in the second half of 2018 !

Famous for its deluxe cars and sports models that were the heyday of rallye car racing and the British aristocracy, Jaguar is turning a new leaf. Revealed at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the I-Pace Crossover is their very first entirely electric model, and with zero-emissions. Behind the logo of the leaping feline, it showcases high performances and elegant lines.

I-Pace, the electric Crossover of Jaguar

Combining state-of-the-art technologies with high-end design, its fluid silhouette is marked by retractable door handles. Equipped with a four-wheel drive, the vehicle is propulsed by two electrical engines, each delivering 200 horsepower, and leading to an acceleration of barely 4 seconds to reach 100 km/h. As for the battery, it is out of the question to be distanced by its main competitors, it can run for 500 km, then be recharged completely in 2 hours.

Jaguar I-Pace passenger compartment
The stylists of the British automobile constructor have perfected the slightest details of the car's refined interior. © DR
Jaguar I-Pace interior
 Absolute comfort, high-end materials, the upscale car seats of the I-Pace seem to have been conceived by a leading couturier. © DR

The style and prestige of English brands

This innovative 5 passengers car features a central dashboard with vocal recognition, plus a 12-inch tactile screen and a number pad facing the conductor. Its generous interior space, that privileges comfort, is oriented towards the pleasure of driving and upscale lifestyle. The only unknown factor at this time : its price. But is it that important when one is passionate about prestige cars ?

Jaguar I-Pace back
Super silent and equipped with a panoramic roof, you will have to wait several months to test the new Jaguar. © DR

Jaguar mania is electrifying the automobile world