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John Derian: optical illusion tableware

New York artist John Derian’s collection of delicious-looking trompe-l'œil plates harkens back to naturalist images from the 18th century.

John Derian: optical illusion tableware


The artist John Derian decided to decorate his new tableware collection by asking the artisans in his workshops to engrave botanical designs and Épinal prints from ages past, specifically a time when the trompe-l'œil spirit of barbotine ware and the sepia photos from the start of the cinema industry were made timeless. Each piece is made without borders or embellishments. The image spans the entire width and breadth of the ceramic to make the visual effect even more realistic.

John Derian’s trompe-l'oeil art

Manufactured in limited series, the range is sold in the artist’s Manhattan boutiques and in a few concept stores throughout Europe, including Astier de Villatte in Paris. Archival images that evoke our dreams of escaping and indulging in delicious feasts are printed on all kinds of items, including plates, small bowls, chargers, mugs, saucers, bowls, and platters. The technique used creates a flawless illusion.

Natural tableware collections

This summer, take your table to the next level. Put away your white dishware in favour of delightful pieces that wonderfully replicate fruits and vegetables to showcase your meals. Featuring apples, watermelons, melons, lemons, oranges, pears, and grapefruit, this set represents much more than just a passing trend. Instead, it heralds the start of a summer season marked by simple pleasures and moments shared among family and friends.

Charming and inspiring illusions -

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