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Just a Light, the mobile lamps of Hans Weyers, for Serax

Rising figure of post modern design in Antwerp, Belgium, Hans Weyers launches a collection of very « light » mobile lamps, for Serax.

Just a Light, the mobile lamps of Hans Weyers, for Serax


  • There seems not to be a single domain where Belgian design does not stand out in terms of its creativity, and its way of thinking off-the-beaten-track. After fashion, table settings, decoration and furniture, the field of lighting fixtures is now also treated as an applied art. With Hans Weyers, some of whose pieces are exhibited amongst the permanent collections of Designmuseum, in Ghent, the concept is pushed all the way.

The very Light mobile lamps of Hans Weyers

Linked to the post modern style, these models of standing lamps from its « Just a Light » range, conceived for the emphemeral Serax platform of trends, combine humour, seriousness, lightness and flirt with the void to be in harmony with mobile art. Animated by a minimalistic vision targetting the essential, their metal structures tell a story to be appreciated figuratively in order to enhance a private, professional or industrial space.

Changing decor while letting in the light

More than a simple source of light, lamps add a Scandinavian ambiance to the environment, as well as a touch of eccentricity to original and offbeat interiors. Their simple style, gutted and cultivating an abstract look, enables to change the atmosphere of a high-end living space, very discreetly…

The bright universe of Belgian design

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