Kings of the World, an array of guest-stars inside the château de Fontainebleau

Kings of the World, an array of guest-stars inside the château de Fontainebleau

Having in turn welcomed François 1st during the Renaissance and then Napoleon Bonaparte, the château of Fontainebleau is now making room for Kings of the World, the exhibition from the private Al Thani collection.

Fontainebleau, residence for the Kings of the World

With sixty masterpieces on display in the superb Ballroom, this exhibition puts the spotlight on the royal representation, its etiquette and its codes since the High Antiquity. The diffusion of these leaders' heroic images, represented on coins, medals, art objects, precious silversmith pieces, weapons and jewellery,  they all confirm the particular link of how each sovereign was in touch with the sacred.

Torse of Pharaoh Ramsès II
Dating back to the 15th century before our era, the torso of Ramsès II is a testimony to the majesty of the Pharaoh. © TATC
Portrait of Emperor Jahangir, India
This portrait of Emperor Jahangir, who governed India at the beginning of the 18th century, shows him covered in jewellery. © TATC

A royal reception inside a Renaissance château

Enter in this muted universe, at the crossroads of different dynasties, through the eras and the continents. From the Egypt of the Pharaohs to Imperial China, including antique Greece, the Roman Empire and 18th century India, all the nobilities of yesteryear await you for this reception taking place in a magical setting. They definitely deserve your visit as soon as possible…

Buste of Emperor Hadrien
Dating back to the 16th century, the marble head of Emperor Hadrien is placed on a bust all in gold and inlaid with precious stones. © TATC

Kings, Queens and their courts…