Le Grand-Hornu, from industry to design, in Mons, Belgium

08 Jun 2019
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13 Jul 2019
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In Mons, the industrial mining entity of Le Grand-Hornu is sparking a revolution by morphing into a design and applied arts center.

Le Grand-Hornu, de l'industrie au design, à Mons, en Belgique
Renovated and enhanced, all the buildings of Le Grand-Hornu have found a new cultural destination. © DR


In the Belgian province of Hainaut, cultural mutation is on the move! Quite close to the city Mons, one of the flagships of the 18th-century industrial revolution, including coal workshops and a worker housing development with 450 dwellings, has finally found its new destination, after its exploitation was abondoned in 1954, and its destruction programmed.

Le Grand-Hornu sparks a revolution, in Mons

Since, a handful of passionates have battled to save the site, classified by UNESCO as World Heritage of Humanity, upon starting a first phase of renovation by installing office with a patrimonial, touristic and cultural ambition. Around its courtyard, the newly rehabilitated buildings open their doors to a public in admiration of the work accomplished.

Le Grand-Hornu entrance In a successful combination of neo-classic and industrial styles, le Grand-Hornu attracts a new public. © DR
Le Grand-Hornu museum Young local and international creators show their works under the vaults of the contemporary art museum. © DR

A new super trendy district in Belgium

Spanning 10 000 m², a structure is dedicated to design and applied arts, while the contemporary art museum showcases exhibitions. The ensemble has preserved the house of engineers and the machine room—always there and ready for testimony. Will Le Grand-Hornu become the new buzzing district in Mons? The newly opened restaurants and boutique are at the forefront of trendy...

Le Grand-Hornu restaurant Just like up-to-date flagships, top chefs have installed their new restaurants in this unusual structure. © DR

Mons, patrimonial treasures to rediscover

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