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In Liège, Belgium, La Boverie museum unveils its treasures

In Liège, Belgium, La Boverie museum unveils its treasures

La Boverie museum in Liège, Belgium, has finally revealed its host of treasures, from Renaissance masters to the avant-garde movement.

In Liège, Belgium, La Boverie museum unveils its treasures


You have until the 18th August 2019 to discover the best of Liège’s biggest museum. The « Liège Works of Art » exhibition is like an unprecedented journey through some of the Belgian institution’s collections including works from major international artists. Over 200 paintings and sculptures, from the 16th century to the modern day, will make an exceptional appearance and be taken out from reserve.

All the treasures from La Boverie in Liège, Belgium

Grand masters who have marked the history of art will be featured such as Pissarro, Monet, Ingres, Chagall and Picasso. Upon arrival, you will soon learn that our Belgian friends are well-represented with Constant Permeke, James Ensor, René Magritte, Paul Delvaux and even Lambert Lombard, Léonard Defrance, Jean Rets, Arp, Magnelli and Jacques Monory.

Dirk Hals Merry Company painting
Teeming with details that require closer inspection, Dirk Hals painted Merry Company, in around 1625. © Sabam
Paul Delvaux Entombment painting
The enigmatic Entombment by Paul Delvaux is one of the exhibition’s most sought-after works. © DR

Dialogue of the era and art schools

In La Boverie, tapestries display how things were done at the time as well as unique scenes portrayed by artists such as Pol Bury or James Ensor. You’ll also gain an understanding of how important steel works were at the time for this large Walloon town during the development of economic power in the Belgian kingdom. A special artistic experience !

Jacques Monory Opera painting
Jacques Monory’s Beautiful Salome takes on hyperrealistic colours. © DR

Belgian art across the centuries, at the Fine Arts Museum in Liège

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