In Liège, the engineering firm Greisch celebrates its 60th anniversary

12 Oct 2019
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The engineering firm Greisch, which has created a number of public works throughout Europe, is celebrating sixty years of excellence in Liège.

À Liège, le bureau d'ingénierie Greisch fête ses 60 ans
Under the glass canopy, which floods the building with natural light, the engineers work hard on their ambitious projects. © JL Deru


While it might not be a common name among the general public, the engineering firm Greisch, which is established in Liège, Brussels, and Luxembourg, is responsible for a long list of buildings that facilitate public life. The Milau Viaduct, the Third Bosporus Bridge in Istanbul, Lille Stadium, the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris, and the Infinity real estate complex in Luxembourg are just a few of its flagship projects.

60 years of celebration for Greisch

These accomplishments, which earned the firm its reputation, wonderfully showcase its ability to deliver civil engineering projects and the careful attention it pays to the surrounding landscape. The company is directed by four specialised engineers and employs over 200 staff in three different headquarters. It has also submitted bids for a growing number of international competitions.

Greisch Knokke Heist Hospital The 40 000 m² concrete structure of the new Knokke Heist Hospital is a technological marvel. © DR
Greisch Parkbos Pedestrian Bridge In Ghent, the Parkbos Pedestrian Bridge is part of a green corridor along the city’s western border. © DR

A long tradition of civil engineering

The Belgian company boasts a long list of projects in its hometown, Liège. Some of its most symbolic buildings include the airport, tramway, train station, the wharfs along the Meuse, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, the Agoria, the Municipal Office, and the Finance Tower. The company’s accomplishments add up quickly, because Greisch is certainly not the type to rest on its laurels.

Greisch Bosporus bridge This ethereal bridge over the Bosporus promotes ties between Europe and Asia. © DR

A creative company at the height of its skill

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