From London to Buenos Aires, Anish Kapoor goes for red

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At the summit of his art, Anglo-Indian artist Anish Kapoor showcases a wide array of stunning pieces, from London to Buenos Aires. And with him, red is the winning color !

De Londres à Buenos Aires, Anish Kapoor voit rouge
With his My Red Homeland disc, Anish Kapoor traces his artistic groove. © DR

The most influent sculptor of his generation, this Englishman of Indian origins is familiar with stunning works, and the leading museums in the world all are very keen about his work. Distierro, the spotlight exhibition of the Vantablack patent's owner, a variety of black that absorbs 100 % light, is installed in the Memory Park of Buenos Aires, in Argentina, before going back to London, on the 27th of August.

From London to Buenos Aires, Anish Kapoor plays the red card

In his monumental pieces made of cones, pyramids, crescents and crevasses, he uses a wax and color pigment, like a second skin. It's in front of the Hindu temples that this Bombay native draws his inspiration by referring to ancestral customs, such as the red line on parted hair that indicates the initiatic passage of a young woman who becomes a wife.

Anish Kapoor Past, Present, Future Enigmatic, Past, Present, Future is a mix of milennial traditions and post-modern abstraction. © DR
Past, Present, Future Shooting in the Corner - Anish Kapoor Shooting in the Corner, an apparatus that shoots out red wax canon balls, was intalled in the Jeu de Paume room, in Versailles. © DR

A sure art value on five continents

After being awarded the Génésis Prize for his commitment, the one who sparked a scandal at the château of Versailles, by transforming it into an amusement park, is a sure value of contemporary art. And curators from leading auction houses certainly did not make a mistake by placing the bidding very high in terms of the commercial estimate of his art. So there might still be a little time to consider discovering Anish Kapoor before his works reach sky rocketing prices…

Anish Kapoor Dismemberment of Jeanne d’Arc Anish Kapoor reverts to a vivid episode in French History with Dismemberment of Joan of Arc. © DR
Anish Kapoor Svayambh The « Svayambh » wagon leaves shreds of camine materials in the room to transform it into a « mythological body ». © DR

Anish Kapoor, the plastician artist witness of his era.

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