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M6: Flavie Flament animates L'Atelier, a new crafts show

M6: Flavie Flament animates L'Atelier, a new crafts show

On M6, Flavie Flament animates L'Atelier, and discusses her passion for craftsmanship, as well as her big comeback on television.

M6: Flavie Flament animates L'Atelier, a new crafts show


How was the concept of this show born?

I refused all the TV projects until Pierre-Guillaume Ledan, the assistant general manage of M6 programmes called me to speak of sharing and travels. After having watched an excerpt from the English show "Repair Shop", which we adapted, I said yes right away. The filming of l'Atelier was taking place 30 minutes from Paris, in total immersion during 1 month, in a customized barn of the Yvelines. This helped things a lot, and I am happy to continue with a potential season 2…

How do you discover the artisans who partake in the show?

It's our production that does this research work. Then the images highlight the sincere reality of our workshop, like a romantic encounter, an alchemy. Cabinet makers, framers, blacksmiths, upholsterers, ceramicists and clock makers, who repair and renovate the objects brought in by their owners, all with a special story or a sentimental values— a harmony immediately takes place between them.

Do you think you might inspire vocations?

I don't know if the ministries of culture or craftsmanship will be calling us, but if I can help to find ways and techniques to teach younger generations, why not? On a personal level, I hope.

Are you more classic or contemporary?

Rather vintage! A real cabinet of curiosities. It's a colourful combination in which I feel very well, but that my children don't always like, because there are sometimes objects they perceive as strange or which they reject. But that's just the way it is!

M6 upholstery workshop show
All along the shows, artisans have as mission to save objects filled with great sentimental value. © DR
M6 clock work and doll repair workshop
Clock maker or doll repairer, each professional is focused on very delicate tasks. © DR

My apartment is a real cabinet of curiosities

Flavie Flament

Have you owned objets which you wanted to keep?

Yes, one gets attached, even said jokingly, one thinks of it often. Furthermore, although no address book is supplied during the show, artisans are identified, and can easily be found on the social networks.

You mentioned wanting to follow a training course to become a painting gilder, it is serious?

Absolutely! I am quite passionate when it comes to art and craftsmanship—I filmed a behind the scenes documentary at the Musée du Louvre, on closing days. There, I was under the impression that the works were asleep and no longer in representation—these moments were filled with poetry. Fifteen years ago, I even met Nelly Saunier, a feather-worker, whom I admire for her amazing work and her trade which I truly adore.

M6 artisan group workshop
Repairing a vase, a trunk or reupholstering a chair, sometimes it is necessary to team up in order to overcome difficulties. © DR

Craftsmanship, a thousand and one trades filled with passion

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