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Manors, palaces, a journey along the castle road of Germany

Germany is filled with imposing castles, sturdy fortresses, historical manors and fairytale palaces that are an open invitation to step back in time. Follow their marvelous route !

Manors, palaces, a journey along the castle road of Germany


Herrenchiemssee Castle, near Munich

Exuberant, luxurious, symbol of the royal European courts' great splendour, the German Versailles proudly stands since 1878 on the small island of Herrenwörth. An impressive fairytale castle with the very rococo atmosphere of its 20 rooms open to the public.

Herrenchiemssee castle
Emulating the palace of the Sun King, Herrenchiemssee features a great many water basins and sculptures. © DR
Herrenchiemsse interior
The interior decoration is teeming with original frescos, precious marbles and gilding. © DR

Hohenzollern Castle, near Stuttgart

Located at an altitude of 900 m, the high towers of this imposing castle, built by the crown prince of Prussia, in 1819, dominate the Swabian Jura. Thus, the taste for fine arts of the future King Frederick William IV prefigures the arrival of romantism and the golden age of Neo-Gothic in all their splendor.

Hohenzollern castle
The central courtyard has preserved many vestiges from the former power of this impregnable bastion. © DR
Hohenzollern interior
Of Protestant denomination, the chapel showcases the oldest stainglass windows in Germany. © DR

Bückeburg Castle, near Hanover

It's in the middle of the 16th century that this castle was built in the Renaissance and baroque styles. Ornaments in sandstone from Obernkirchen, featuring shells and snails, decorate the massive facades, while the chapel and the Golden Hall are embellished by handsome wooden sculptures.

Bückeburg castle
Comprising four wings, the castle is still used by the prince's family for important receptions. © DR
Bückeburg castle
Built in 1893, the banquet hall, divided between 2 floors, offers an exceptional impression of gigantism. © DR

Ludwisburg Castle, near Stuttgart

In 1704, Duke Eberhard Ludwig has his modest hunting lodge transformed by adding a fourth wing. A sign of power that conveyed its prestigious status to the edifice. As for the succession of rooms, reception halls and appartments, it has kept all the splendour of yesteryear.

Ludwisburg castle and gardens
The elaborate English style park of the castle flourishes profusely year-round. © DR
Ludwisburg castle
Under an allegorical vault, the gallery of portraits displays a decoration in the Empire style. © DR

Schwerin Castle, near Lübeck

Owned by the dynasty of the Grand Duke of Mecklembourg-Schwerin, the towers, cuppolas and outbuildings of this romantic castle are reflected in the waters of a lake. It comprises 653 rooms, ornamented with parquet floors in marquetery, sculpted wood paneling, gilding and stucco ceilings.

Schwerin castle
Currently the seat of the Pomeranian Regional Assembly, the castle owes its charm to its architecture and the baroque garden surrounding it. © DR
Schwerin castle - interior details
Since forever, the Grand Duke's family and personalities have attended formal ceremonies at the church of Schwerin. © DR

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