Manufacture du Béton boosts the Vertbois district, in Paris

Newcomer in the Vertbois district, Manufacture du Béton unveils the universe of its design concrete creations at the heart of Paris.

In Paris, several districts are undergoing a major mutation, such as the Vertbois. Between Place de la République and the Musée des Arts et Métiers, this district is reinventing itself by encouraging many local players. And when an important new arrival such as the Manufacture de Béton moves in, the event is of great importance, especially if it is pegged to a large exhibition.

The Verbois district welcomes Manufacture du Béton

Named "Dirty Hands", it is backed by Ambassade-Excellence, the spearhead of Made In France luxury. A nice beginning for a company that conceives, manufactures, edits and commercialises design elements using the last generation of concrete. An approach that runs from the creation of furniture to customized implementations, including decorative streamlined objects.

Manufacture du Béton table ebony platter
A mix of genres and styles, this dining room table features concrete feet and a platter top in ebony. © DR
Manufacture du Béton table nervure
A clever chameleon, this desk takes on different shapes according to needs. © DR

A mineral material conveying modernity

The only limits of this mineral material are those of imagination. Its implementations are at the same time sophisticated, raw, industrial, and come in a wide array of shapes, colors, textures and surfaces so that each piece embodies a unique graphic signature, filled with modernity. A wager of quality for furniture pieces that can easily be integrated in a multitude of living spaces.

Manufacture du Béton chest
Massive, and giving a real impression of solidity, this dresser is inlaid inside a cement shell. © DR

The new dynamics of cement